juvlon.com   is  one   of   the leading E-marketing softwares in India that provides services to some of the biggest corporates in India and around the globe. juvlon specializes in providing extensive reporting for our network partners so that you can conveniently track the progress and success of your marketing program. It also creates systems that produce high-value customers and long term relationships.
About Niche
Niche Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based software firm, promoted by a US$ 20 million multi national group of companies. Equipped with the state of the art infrastructure, 24 x 7 dedicated connectivity to the internet, we bring you Quality of performance.
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Case Studies
Automation of NAV mailers for a Mutual Fund Company
Requirement: Mutual Fund companies have the value of each fund (called Net Asset Value or NAV) to be sent out to their subscribers. These subscriptions are tied into juvlon from the Mutual Fund (client) website where the double-opt subscription method is used.
Solution: juvlon receives NAV file on a daily bases in a text format where each value in file is scanned by the automated program. Each value
scanned is put into the database and a historical archive is created where each value for the current day is picked from the database. This input is sent through a pre-formatted email. juvlon has archive search facility built-in where personalized emails are sent to the subscribers. In case the file format is incorrect or they are not received on time, then alerts are sent by email or by SMS.
- Email Marketing
We help our clients manage and grow powerful email programs that achieve their business objectives.
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- Mobile Advertising
The emerging mobile advertising format brings tremendous opportunities—and challenges.
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- Online Advertising
Niche has an exceptional banner management and ad tracking system for your web site.
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- Search Engine Marketing
With research confirming that over 80% of prospective web customers use search engines to find relevant content, online search is the most widely used method of attracting visitors to a Website.
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CRM Software Development
CRM is seen as a system for funneling information to one place that otherwise would be dispersed in a big company. This means collecting information from call centres and Internet sites, from contacts by sales people or the customers' visits to the company from any "touch point". Ideally, the information is analyzed to gain insight into each customer's needs and behaviour, and then it is used to improve the customer's dealings with the company.
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Our Clients
"The products and services of Niche have been very supportive to have better operations & performance of the business. Our overall experience with Niche is very encouraging. Thank you, Niche, for providing such an exceptional customer service."

- Preety Bansal
Manager - Operations
Deakin University, Australia
"Our association with Niche has been satisfactory as they seem to understand our business requirements well. They have helped us provide effective solutions to our customers while adhering to high quality standards."

- Anuradha Bose
Customer Care Associate & Head - Loyalty
Shopper’s Stop Ltd.